charlotte rowan tibideaux

BIRTH NAME charlotte rowan callahan

MARRIED NAME charlotte rowan tibideaux

NICKNAMES rowdy. row. charlie. char char. lotte. tibi.

PLACE OF BIRTH bell buckle, tennessee

CURRENT RESIDENCE austin, texas since 2017

OCCUPATIONhead of health @ LBJ Library and Museum

relationship status married but separated.

children abigail marie & august michael
( twins; 5 years old; deceased -- victims of outbreak )

extended familyjoseph callahan ( father; deceased 03.15.10 )
emilie callahan ( mother; deceased 03.15.10 )
hannah callahan ( sister; deceased 03.15.10 )
nicole callahan ( sister; deceased 03.15.10 )
patrick callahan ( brother, 35 -- unknown )
brian callahan ( brother, 34 -- unknown )
derek callahan ( brother, 33 -- unknown )

parents and sisters are deceased due to a fatal hit and run car accident. lost communication with brothers in 2016 right after the outbreak.

pets spook ( 3 years old )

the basics

hair color & length dark dirty blonde layers reaching shoulder blades.

eye color hazel

height & weight five foot eight; one hundred forty five pounds

sexual orientation heterosexual, zero on the kinsey scale

tattoos none

scars & birthmarks birth mark on the back of her right thigh right under her butt cheek. cesarean scar.

right / left / ambidextrous left handed

accent south tennessee

preferred style jeans. tank tops. flannel shirts. boots. sneakers.

physical characteristics

history goes here.

historical facts: birth thru 2018

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